Squirrel Love >>>

Yesterday I caught this little guy throughout the whole day sneaking bird seed from this dish on my porch.  I put this dish up on the railing in hopes the birds would get brave enough to use it this close to the window, so I could get some good pics of them.  So far its worked... (I have a few Ill share later).  But my little squirrel thief has also discovered it!  But he is so darn cute, I really dont mind.  He sat their and ate while I looked at him!
Every now and then he would decide to get skiddish and hop off the top of the railing onto the arm railing that goes down the steps.

 Do you spy him below???
It was so hilarious!  He did it like 4 or 5 times!  He thought I couldnt see him there!  So darn cute.

This is him right before he made his final leap down and across the yard he went.  Mmmm... I love living in the country!  Oh, the other day I also photographed two huge walking sticks getting it on!  I might share those too, ha ha.