Summer Sponsor Sale >>>

I realized since I moved my sponsor stuff over to Passionfruit, I have forgotten to even mention spots being available.  Since many people still sign up at the beginning of the month, a few spots have expired or about to expire, opening up more availability.  I thought I would have my first ever sponsor sale!  If you sign up by July 2nd (just to give you a few days), you can get 20% off your spot, regardless of which size you choose.  Sign up through this page.  Just enter the code SWEETJULY when you checkout through Passionfruit. 

Im 2 people away from hitting 2,000 followers, so I thought sticking with the 2's would be appropriate.  I have a thing with the number 2.  Ever since a friend told me of her significance with the number 222, I see it everywhere, for the past few years.  I see the clock everyday at either 12:22 or 2:22, almost without fail.  Pretty interesting.

Also, remember if you are signing up for a large ad, I do offer solo giveaway spaces for you!