Things for the Soul >>>

This past week I started the Intuitive Heart Sanctuary with Lauren Luquin.  So far, I'm loving it.  Her vibe is very comforting, grounded, in tune and intentional.  Im looking forward to spending some time on this.  The journal below is what I created to keep all of my thoughts in.  Ill take some better pics of it, b/c this just doesn't show of how pretty it is.  It has been a while since Ive done a project like this, and it was so fun.  I use to create collages and art all of the time... and its something that has just fallen to the side of life.  As I watched the first video for the course, I sat outside with my morning coffee and birds. 

Ive been working on fixing up the backyard more and more.  Im constantly re-arranging things.  I moved my little buddha arrangement from the ground onto a table with lots of rocks and petrified seashells surrounding it.  Im going to slowly add some pretty plants to it as well.  And I re-organized my porch shelf below as well.  Sometimes just some simple rearranging can really make a little space feel so new and fresh.  The backyard felt so nice at my party.  I wish I had taken some photos of it.  We are beginning to daydream about how we really want to fix the yard with little rock pathways, and a hammock, and more and more plants.  Im on a total plant buzz this year.  All I want to do is get new plants and learn them.

Even though its been murderously hot outside, Ive still been really enjoying this summer.  Bathing suit time and any chance I get to lay in the yard, or do something outside, Im a happy camper.  Im pretty much in love with the bathing suit I found on etsy, from Kioki.

Ive been meaning to post these for 2 weeks now.  When I stayed with my Nanna, my brother and his son Aiden came over and I played soooo much with Aiden.  We took pics of him next to all of Nanna's flowers.  It was so cute.  Nanna, Ill email you the rest b/c there are tons of them!!!  And I took pics of all of her flowers.  My favorite one is her passion vine.  I brought home a clipping and Im trying to keep it alive in the ground.  So far so good, but this heat is really making it struggle.  I pick the best times to try to transplant things!!!  I finally had to remove the caterpillar that came along for the ride with it.  For the first week I didnt have the heart to move it, b/c I knew it was loving the plant, but once half the leaves were gone and he was 4 times bigger, I realized I had to or I wouldn't have a plant!  So I gently moved him to the other side of the yard.  I took some awesome pics of him too, Ill share soon.  Ive kind of been photographing alot of insects lately.  I wish I could of got a photograph of the centipede we found during my bday party.  It was insane.  Life freakin crazy big.  I had heard hearsay about big ones, but always thought they were exaggerations... Nope!  They are for reals!!!  It was right out our front door too.  Creeps.
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