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Can I just say... I think this is my favorite outfit post of all time.  Mostly because of the beautiful trees, and my hubs took the best pics he has ever taken!  Im so proud.  Im working on teaching him little things each time he takes them, and Im just so impressed!  Yesterday I wore a very simple outfit, but each piece really stood out.  This pretty floral top was my mamas.  I have actually never worn it, thinking I didnt like it on me.  I just sort of held onto it b/c it reminded me so much of her.  Im so glad I finally gave myself a chance in it, I actually love it on me!  The colors in it are so pretty.  And paired with my favorite blue velvet skinnies from Threadsence... perfect.  This pretty pretty chain headpiece was one that I featured in The Bohemian Collective for Moorea Seal.  Ill be honest, as much as I adore it, I was a little intimidated to wear it in an everyday street outfit, but again, Im so glad I did.  With such a simple outfit, it didnt feel as overdressed as I thought it would.  I just kept it as my main piece of jewelry.  (might the first time youve seen me without a necklace on).  So now Im excited to wear it more and more in daily life!  And of course, no outfit is complete without Blowfish shoes, right?  Im starting to think so...  Which by the way, they are having a 25% off all sale right now!!! 

For The Roses by Joni Mitchell on Grooveshark

Yesterday I received my first pieces in the mail for the next Bohemian Collective lookbook.  Im starting to get super excited.  I have plans for having another friend model with me for this one!  Im thrilled with the way its turning out so far just in the beginning stages.  This kind of stuff really gets me excited.  I just enjoy doing creative photoshoots soooo much.  

Today I have a laundry list of things to get done... so I better go get started!  Ill announce the winner of the vegan body care package tomorrow.  And dont forget to enter the Intuitive Heart Sanctuary giveaway!  Such a cool thing. 

Tomorrow is my mom's birthday, so Im sure Ill be missing her like crazy.  Not like I already dont.  But you know.  Birthday's are always hard ones.  Maybe Ill create something in her honor tomorrow.  Good god I miss that woman!  Its so weird when I look at pictures of myself, like the ones above, and I see so much of her in me.  Im definitely her little girl.  In every way.