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First, lets start with these doors, because they are just about the raddest thing.  Since we have been in our new house, we had them by the front door, which was cool... but it just didnt really show them off.  And Ive always wanted to do outfit pics by them, and couldnt because of where they were placed.  Yesterday I got the idea to move them onto our back porch, against our railing... one for prettyness, and two for a little privacy fence of sorts for our porch... since we can see into our neighbors yard from it.  So, Im revamping my porch, yet again, and Im loving it.  I couldn't wait to do an outfit post as soon as they got up, so here we are!  And... my hubby is on a marathon of brownie awards this week...  He came home yesterday and I was sitting on the back porch eating my lunch... and said to him that I wanted to move the doors out there (knowing this might freak out his darling OCD mind not knowing where they were going or how they would look)... he went back inside, and I thought he was making himself lunch.  A few minutes later, I find him scooting the doors along the living room floor with a towel (these babies are megaaaa heavy).  It was the sweetest thing.  Then he proceeded to sweep and clean the whole front of the house where they were.  He has been quietly doing sweet things like this all week, or more.  

Speaking of sweet things he has done... see these adorable orange sandals below???  We were at Target the other day and I spotted them, and realized they were exactly like the sandals I have of my moms (that are kind of falling apart and too big for me, but I wear them anyway)... but of course, orange.  I fell in love... but walked away b/c I didn't want to spend the money.  He demanded that I go back and get them b/c they reminded me of my mom and he wanted me to have them.  So, of course, I listened.  A girl knows when to accept!  Although in the end, it was a win win situation, b/c I had a gift card (that I didnt know how much was on it), and it was just enough to get me these sandals and this cute top without spending a dime.  

Oh, and since I thought I was going out last night on a date with my bestie (got rescheduled), I did the twist my hair up while its wet thing early in the day and let it sit for hours... and my hair got so wavy!  I love it!!!  I think Im hooked on this super easy do.  Maybe next time Ill take pics of the process to show you just how easy it is.   And.... as I mentioned in my last post, I gave myself a mani-pedi yesterday.  I never paint my nails and toes the same color... honestly it feels kind of silly, but I loved all the color going on yesterday!  So different than my norm, but still felt so me.  I basically loved this outfit and felt so good in it.  So comfy.
<<< outfit details >>>
top + jeans + sandals // target
necklace // roots and feathers
ring // f21
bracelets // flourish leather