Vintage Finds >>>

 The other day on the way home from the post office, James randomly suggested we go to our local antique mall and browse around.  Sweetest.  These are the goodies I found.  The cool wooden block is a pencil holder!  It has 8 long holes on the top, and a pencil sharpener on the bottom.  And I didnt even realize just how cute this rug was until I got it home and realized the designs were people!  I was so quick to snatch it up b/c I loved the colors and patterns...  And most importantly, Bella approves.  She laid all over it when we brought it home.  Thank you James for the fun random outing.  

Happy Summer Solstice to everyone!  A little late I know.  We brought it in spending some time with some friends and yummy homemade chili.  They even bought my brand new favorite beer, Xingu, just for me since they knew we were coming over.  Now that is a sweet friend :)  Im sooo looking forward to spending more time with the peeps I love this birthday week.