Pieces of Home >>>

1. tattered flowerchild wall hanging
2. tomatoes from my garden
3. my patchwork gypsy flag
4. james playing guitar
5. alyssum flowers
6. flycatcher (i think)
7. studio curtains
8. flowers from my bestie
9. the road home
10. bella

I think I say this everytime, but these Pieces of Home series that I post are my favorites.  All of these images of things around me, all feel like extensions of myself.  Home, pieces of my heart.  Things that make me smile, or tick.  All of these images are from the past few weeks.  Sadly, my vegetable garden is starting to come to an end.  I think the heat just really got to everything again this year, despite this amazing rain we have been getting the past few days.  My porch plants and non veggie things are doing great!  And my cherry tomatoes are still producing some... But my squash and zuchinni never took off, and I only got two bell peppers.  With my large tomatoes, its been a battle with the squirrels of who gets it first once they are ripe enough to pick.  Little rascals.  I do enjoy the process of learning though when it comes to gardening.  I daydream of having a backyard just full to the brim with flowers and vegetables...  

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