Threads - Red Headed Stranger >>>

Here is the one and only outfit post with my red hair!!  It is now currently back to blonde... After about 5 days of having, I realized I still just did not love it.  So I decided to strip it and go back to brown and blonde, and I instantly felt better.  Thank you for all the wonderful response to the red though, you guys are too sweet!!!

I will never get over loving this top from Lulu'  Pretty much one of my favorite pieces in my closet.  And this necklace from Spiral Drift.  Her pieces to me are complete artworks in and of themselves.  I feeeeeel her love she put into them.  And yeah, you know my love for my Blowfish shoes... These are James favorites!  Everytime I wear them he smiles and tells me he loves them... its so cute!

The single earring I am wearing is one style of a new little collection in my Roots and Feathers shop.  Each one is one of a kind and eclectic.  I adore them... There are lots of other new pieces that went up yesterday as well!

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