Babies In A Tub >>>

I cant believe its been a whole week since I last blogged!  My sweet friend Katelyn and her two beautiful girls came to stay with us for a week.  It was suppose to be a business/pleasure trip, but ended up being more outweighed with business.  She shot all of the images for the upcoming Bohemian Collective lookbook... and can I just say, wow.  The images are so stunning its unreal.  I cannot wait to release it!  My nerves of being in front of the camera with someone else shooting, quickly diminished once we started on our first location.  I felt so comfortable with Katelyn and just went for it.  

Each of the 8 looks we photographed ended up being an adventure of some sorts, riddled with nature in all its glory of yin and yang.  Just a few of the things we faced were getting covered in baby leaches from the river, getting tons of leg scrapes and rashes from the grasses we tracked through, getting bit by ants while having to lay perfectly still to get the shot, getting jabbed by sharp tree limbs while laying over piles of dead brush, climbing a longggg rusty ladder that was suspended of a huge cliff by a wire cable, slipping and falling in slimy cliff sludge, a little bit of trespassing did happen, tons of 4 year old melt downs, walking through the woods in 5 inch heels (very slowly), along with buckets of sweat, all the while with a baby on Katelyn's back.  Im sure there was alot more I cant recall right now, but it was interesting to say the least.  But it was so fun to be matched with a photographer who was just as gutsy as I.  So much fun.  It was soooo hot that we had to schedule each shoot in the morning or evening, so we had to pack about two full shoots in per day, which watching two kids and feeding everyone between, proved to be entire full days.  It felt like a marathon, and we were both utterly exhausted after our last day of shooting.  We spent almost the entire next day sifting through over 3,000 images to choose the final cuts.  Wow.  

We did have some fun down time moments.  The first night before her new camera arrived, we swam down at the river.  Well, I guess I shouldnt say swim since the water is only a foot deep right now.  I thoroughly enjoyed sitting in the river with a baby in one arm and a beer in the other.  Ha ha.  It was perfect.  I fell in love with her newest little one Penelope, just like I already had with her older one, Leena.  Two precious girls, full of personality.  They kept us on our toes to say the least.  The above images were from an afternoon of fun the girls had in our plastic tub in the back yard.  They loved it so much.  Ill be back with many more photos!!!  It feels good to be back to my blog!  

Once I get all of my thoughts re-gathered, Ill announce all of the giveaway winners as well.  Im so behind on emails and such, so please be patient this week.  Oh, and Im also having a huge sale in both of my shops right now!  To get 30% off anything in my Roots and Feathers shop, and 40% off anything in my Violet Bella shop, just enter the code 'AUGUST' at checkout to receive the discount.  You should see the new total before you pay.
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