Today is the blue moon, as Im sure most of you already know.  Exciting b/c we wont get another one until next August.  Im wishing so badly I had a real life sisterhood close to me here in the hills, that I could gather with and howl at the moon.  Just a little daydream I have.  But I will spend some loving time in solitude with her late tonite.  My connection with the moon for most of my life has been a inner verbal one.  My deepest times with her are when I sit with myself, and talk with her.  Her blood runs so deep throughout my chart, its would be almost unnatural to not have such a connection with her.  Its one I feel very safe in.  She is my guardian angel, she is my mother. 

Speaking of the moon, I posted a guest post blog by Marissa Moondaughter, on The Bohemian Collective this morning.  It is the first in a series on Lunar Animals.  This one is on Owl Medicine.

Today is the last day to jump in on the August section of the Apothecary Circle by Laura Emily from Good Earth Living.  She has an extra sale going on, so if you enter the code BLUEMOON at checkout, you will get 25% off!  And mention the code Herbs170 in the notes to seller at checkout to let her know I was the one that sent you!  Super awesome one time deal.  You will still be able to sign up for this class through december, but there are soooooo many perks for signing up early in august.  Read here for more info.  Scroll down to the section that says August Sign-ups.  The code is also good for anything else in her shop!  Just be sure to enter both codes, one at checkout and one in the notes to seller.  Hope to see you there!

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