Family Time + An Amazing Meal >>>

Yesterday was such a good day.  I had called my Nanna to see if we could come over for dinner and see some of the family b/c I was really missing everyone.  Of course she said yes!  But I warned her I wouldn't be able to actually eat what everyone was eating since Im on my food fast, so I brought my meal with me.  These are some of my favorite things to eat, and together its like heaven.  It will definitely become a regular meal of mine way beyond the fast.  Im doing a 10 day juice/smoothie/raw food fast.  And this meal cheats a little bit, but Ive given myself a few out of bounds okays...

It is one sliced avocado with green onions, pumpkin and sunflower seeds, a little sea salt and lemon.  A tomato with feta, pear balsalmic vinegar and pepper and garlic sprinkles.  Yum!!!  Amazingly flavorful and filling.  I was soooo proud of myself to stick to my guns while everyone was eating yummy bbq chicken and sausage, and homeade potato salad and macaroni and cheese, and BROWNIES!!  It was hard, very hard, to pass up my Nanna's brownies.  But I did it!  

It was simply one of the best nights over there too.  The whole family was there and everyone was in a good mood and really enjoyed each other.  Well, except my little nephew.  Poor boy had a tummy ache and was not a happy camper for most of the night.  James and two of my uncles played guitar in the living room and we all just sat around and enjoyed them.  It was just one of those really good evenings with your family.  It doesn't happen everytime we get together, but when it does, it just makes my heart sing. 

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