If you dont know already, Im a bit in loveeee with instagram.  Its quite ridiculous at times, but it just makes tiny little moments of my day so dreamy looking, and keeps them all in one nice place.  Pretty much my favorite social network to date.  Probably b/c my brain sees things in pictures, so its just natural for me.  These are some from this past month.  Follow along on instragram: lauramazurek.

P.S.  I get asked alot what filters I use, and I have decided on this one to just not answer anymore.  I have a certain look that I use for most of my images, and there have been many times after telling someone where their photo stream ends up looking just like mine.  Im kind of working on the issue of people on the internet molding themselves into others.  I see it on a daily basis these days.  I want people to explore and think for themselves, and ultimately become themselves, not just be like somebody else.  I know that seems a little extreme for just a photo app, but its those little things that begin this process.  I dont mean this to come off as rude at all.. for now its just a thought Ive had lately.  Does anyone else feel this way about the online community at times?  Do you see people blurring the lines of being their authentic selves verses becoming just like someone else?  Ive sort of always noticed it in the blogging community, but much more so these days...  And maybe its all just a part of people finding themselves... I go back and forth in my mind about it not being that big of a deal at all, to it feeling slightly intrusive, I guess.  Just thoughts... nothing more. 

*below are a few more words Id like to add after posting this two days ago*

Knowing that posting this was potentially going to stir up some conflict, which is one thing I hate to do, Im still glad I faced my fear of speaking about it and did anyways.  That being said, some of the comments have really made me think twice about it, and has helped my perspective a bit.  So thank you.  Just like everyone else, I have some learning and growing to do in all areas of my life, and this is definitely one of them.  Its something I have dealt with many times before, and the feelings keep cropping up, and sometimes I just feel like I need to let it out.  This post above was definitely not just, or even really, about the photo app itself.  I should of thought twice about using that as a starting point for this thought of mine.  Its more about seeing people online molding themselves into someone else, and I guess this was just one more little way.  There are times when it seems like each step you make, there is someone two steps behind you doing the same things... and at times it can start to feel a bit invasive.   That is all.  I dont mean to be taking anything away from the designers of the apps, I never even thought about that.  This is a subject I will definitely ponder more on, in my own time.  Thank you for helping me to see things in a new light.  Sometimes that is all we need.  If anything came out of this post, besides having some people think Im not the greatest, is a moment of personal growth.

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