This was what I wore the other night on my date with my bestie.  Ive been on an Obella Organics kick lately, and this skirt is no exception.  Betsy's color palette is so beautiful, and each piece she makes is soooo comfortable.  I cannot wait to watch her collection grow.  And this handmade clutch from Bird Trouble was the most perfect combo with the color of the skirt!  This is the first clutch Ive ever owned.  Ive always been afraid I would leave my purse somewhere if it was a clutch, b/c Im so used to having a strap around me, but so far, Ive been good!!  And even though Im so ready for fall and just want to start wearings boots, I need to squeeze in as much sandal time as I still can.  These blowfish sandals are still some of my favorites.  They are starting to get in some amazing boots for winter though!!  And... the body chain is a new piece for Roots and Feathers, coming soon.  Its been a while since Ive made one.  I have soooo many new things to list.  Im starting to get re-inspired, after feeling a huge lull for a long time.  I think the cooler weather may have brought with it a touch of my creative spirit back.  Thank you winds of change.

(for those who will ask, the tank was thrifted and the rings are from f21)

These were taken in my backyard next to my little garden box with plumbego and pomegranate bush.  I cut all of my tomato plants back and my herbs, and they are all starting to rebush and look beautiful again after so much texas heat this summer.  Its time to start planting a fall garden.  Its the perfect weather to get outside and play.  This morning while I was talking on the phone to my nanna, there were four hummingbirds buzzing around my head, playing with each other.  It was so cute.  I love how they are not afraid to get super close to you.  Amazing little creatures.

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