This outfit is the perfect blend of fall colors to me.  The mustard color of this skirt is one of my all time favorite colors.  Seasons and colors excite me!  I love the energetic powers they hold.

After posting tons of new goodies in my Roots and Feathers shop, today I will spend some time packaging up orders, and then cleaning up my space.  My studio is a WRECK.  A wreck.  Drives me nuts just walking in there right now.  Which means its time to re-organize and clear space for new work.  This is a constant thing I must do.  And I need to clean my home.  Constantly learning to find the balance of work, play, learning and cleaning.  My moon time always falls on the week of the new moon.  I find it an awesome thing that my body naturally goes through a few day period of heavy rest and re-set b/c of this, right before the new moon takes place, giving me a fresh surge of energy during this time.  

The universe has recently opened some new amazing opportunities for some of my closest friends, and my heart is just bubbling over with joy for them...  mmmmm...  AND... Im looking forward to a harvest moon date with a very special friend at the end of the month.  Namaste.

<<< outfit details >>>
shirt // f21
boots // c/o blowfish
purse // gift from my bestie