(outfit details:  crochet top - festival // paisley dress - hand-me-down // hi lo skirt - lulu' // belt - ruche // sandals - blowfish shoes // necklace - roots and feathers // earrings - belle la vie)

Fall has re-ignited my passion for layering.  I really wanted to wear this gorgeous hi-lo skirt from Lulu' the other day, but didn't feel like having bare legs.  I ended up layering it over this printed maxi dress and paired it with one of my alltime favorite wardrobe pieces, this little crochet crop top.  Ive had this top for about 15 years now.  I will wear it until it falls apart.  This outfit could easily transition into fall with a sweater and boots.  The necklace is a preview of new jewelry coming to Roots and Feathers

I feel like Ive been blogging alot more frequently lately.  For the first time last month, I actually got a calendar just for my blogging and nothing else.  Before, I would include just important posts I needed to remember, like giveaways, along with all of my other daily life events... but I would always forget to check.  Keeping this calendar dedicated to just my blog has helped me stay more organized.  And has allowed me to visually see and keep up with all the things I want to blog.  Sometimes I takes photos of things throughout my day, and they never end up here because I forget!  Im a very forgetful person.  If I dont write something down when Im thinking about, Ill forget.  And half the time, I forget to check my notes.  Probably b/c Im also pretty unorganized, and tend to write things on post it notes, or random pieces of paper on my desk, and they get all jumbled in piles.  So for once, I feel organized!  At least in one area.  And I have seen how much it has helped me!  I definitely feel quality vs. quantity is best, so I hope it hasn't been overwhelming with all the posting lately, but it has all been stuff I truly want to share.  Maybe its the season too, tends to get my creative sparks a flyin.  

Im getting very excited for the upcoming Bohemian Collective lookbook!  It's still almost 2 months away from the release, but the photographing will start mid next month.  The collection of artists is so amazing.  And it will be fun to bring out a bit of my darker side in this round.  Im truly giddy.  And we have designed a new Skyline Fever design just for the collective, eeek!  (by the way, James is having a 20% off sale in his shop right now, with the code FALL20).

Tomorrow is the Autumn Equinox, which also means is James and I's anniversary!  5 years.  Dang.  Im kind of proud of us.  Marriage is not a cake walk.  It can be rough and messy and sometimes look so foreign.  But through all the mud, Im glad we have found ways to see the light in each other.  We will be celebrating tonite with some pizza and beer (well, Ill drink beer, hell drink a coke).  And most likely some yummy dessert.  We are sooooo fancy, ha.  That is what you get when you are saving for a car.  But we don't mind.  We dont need a fancy getaway to celebrate.  

Im in a ramblin' mood.  Geez.  I started on a fun outdoors project this morning.  I just need to get some dirt and some more rocks.  I want to get my fall garden started so bad, its time!  The weather outside is amazing.  The babies have been soaking it up!  So have the hummingbirds!  

I have a post coming up about the Autumn Equinox on The Mama Earth Project, so be on the lookout over there this weekend!

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