It has been so long since Ive shared images of other bloggers wearing my jewelry, I thought I'd do a few solo features with each girl.  First up is the beautiful Kinsey of Sincerely, Kinsey.  I have mentioned before that her and I could be closet swapping hoarders together.  Our styles are different but we both adore what and how each other styles their wardrobe.  It's a mutual fashion love affair for sure.  Here are just a few of the amazing ways she has styled some of my jewelry from Roots and Feathers.  Visit Kinsey's lovely blog to see countless inspiring posts.  It's a dreamland.

(thunderbird necklace)

(hand painted body chain)

(i named this one after her, the Kinsey necklace)

 (dream catcher necklace)

 (feather in a bottle necklace)

(thunderbird and geometric necklaces layered)

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