Today's threads post is a combo of the outfit, and showing you my new tattoos!  They are finally all healed up and nice enough to show.

Outfit:  I wore this pretty mustard skirt from Sheinside again.  I just cant get over the color of it, the best shade of mustard!  I layered it with a scarf tank I made a few years back, and my favorite crochet tank from F21. I wear this baby alot!  I thought these boots from BCFootwear complimented this outfit so well.  Uh-mazing shoes!!  And my favorite Spiral Drift necklace.  I'm so in love with Christina's artistry.  She is personally one of my favorite designers out there.

Tattoos:  Finishing this half sleeve has been more than 3 years in the making.  I finally got the gaps filled in and it feels so good!  The new pieces are the feathers, the pink flower on top and the green birdie.  This sleeve is a dedication to my mama.  The quote "Wish I had a river I could skate away on" is from a Joni Mitchell song that she used to sing to me as a baby.  And from an album that her and I shared a love for as I grew older.  We would sing it together all the time.  The Alphonse Mucha woman is a portrait to represent her.  The teacups represent her art.  For 26 years my mom was the originator and designer behind a company called Broken China Jewelry, a jewelry line made from people's family heirloom (broken) china, turning them into pieces they could wear and keep forever.  She was known as the 'china lady'.  I added a little cardinal bird in one of them b/c they remind me of her.  And I quite believe she visits me as one everyday.  The butterfly was really a pretty filler.  But anything from nature or garden reminds me of her, so it fit.  She loved peacock feathers.  When my dad built the statue that is on her grave, there was a place he kept just to put peacock feathers in.  For the new pieces, I had changed my mind a few times this past year on what I wanted.  But Im happy with what I ended up with.  I decided on two feathers together to represent my parents being back together.  After my dad passed away last year, I had several things happen with birds that made me feel like they were reunited.  So this was the most appropriate thing for that.  It's like an eternal talisman of their love.  The pink flower is just a filler.  The bird specifically doesn't have any meaning as far as the color or kind.  I just really wanted a larger bird in this space b/c birds are so significant to me, especially dealing with the loss of my parents.  It feels so good to finally have this piece 'complete'.  It feels right, and in a way, a landmark. 

I think it will be a while, but I have pieces in my mind for the beginning of a space on my body for my dad.  I miss my parents so insanely much right now.  Some days all I want to do is scream as loud as I can big fat cuss words all over the earth.  But then I remind myself that I am okay, and that there is a greater purpose to them not being here.  I'm still trying to learn exactly what that is.  Some days I feel like I know, and I can be so peaceful about it all, and then others, not so much.  I feel like Im about to be stepping over a threshold into a new bigger part of my life, but I keep getting caught in a web of something.  Something keeping me stuck.  I'm learning everyday how to weave this web into something else.  

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