I had the strangest dream last night, and thought it would be kind of fun to share it here on the blog.  This might be kind of long, and if you get grossed out easily, you might not want to read.  (although that would personally only entice me to keep reading).

It started off with James and I, with two other friends (still can't remember who it was), driving down a long straight road.  I knew we were headed for a getaway or vacation of some sorts.  I remember seeing the car in front of us veer off the road really fast and make its way through the countryside in a very twisty, make no sense kind of way... And as it went, it tore up the grass behind it making a new road.  I remember feeling very unsettled about it... like something very bad was down that road and they were leading themselves to doom.  This set up the mood for the rest of the dream.  Kind of like in a horror movie, when something happens that should get your attention to 'beware', turn around and go home... but of course nobody ever does.  Then as we were getting further down the road, a whole stream of work machinery trucks came through that had super long arms on them with gigantic metal spinning blades.  They were like no other machinery I had seen before, and I knew in my gut they were being used for something bad.  Again, my gut instinct that I didn't listen to...

Then we got to this building that I think was part of our 'vacation' destination, like a museum or something.  When we walked in, it looked like a normal building... clean, put together, etc.  There was a door you had to enter through to see the exhibit, so we went through.  We walked down a long curved hallway and entered what appeared to be an empty room besides a round table with four chairs.  Just enough for us.  So we sat down.  We then realized there was place settings at the table, already prepared for us, with photos of each of us when we were younger.  At first it was fun recollecting and looking at our old photos, but then we realized, 'wait, why do they have our photos here'?  There was a drawstring back in the middle of the table instructing us to place our photo inside the bag.  Everyone else immediately went to put their photo in the bag, and then I said no.  I said I had a feeling that by putting my photo in their, I was someone volunteering myself for something I wouldn't be able to back out of later, and I was scared.  

Then a lady came out to greet us.  She was soft spoken and nice seeming.  She was trying to let us know why we were there, but I was having a hard time understanding.  She was talking like we had arrived home...  To our destiny.  She was pleased we had made it there.  Then she put a bowl of something on the floor, pressed a button, and walked out of the room.  The next thing we knew, from the other side of the room as a mass of human size grubworms crawling towards us.  Huge, nasty, fat, slimy, white grubworms.  Some were full worms, and I noticed some looked like they were part human.  They were coming to feed on whatever she had put on the ground for them.  I quickly realized we were in the middle of something very very bad.  

(this is the gross part, warning)
Then I remember seeing all the grubworms just eating away, along with other humans who had not yet turned into worms.  They were dirty, slimy, and lifeless, no energy, so very sad looking. When I looked closer, I realized what they were eating was rotten, mushy part of human bodies.  It was disgusting.  It smelled and the whole room was just vile.  I remember seeing an old friend from high school and yelling at her not to eat the flesh.  But she was so desperate for food, I saw her grab her hand into a mush pile of human foot and tear off a piece and eat it.  I realized they had all been starved to the point where they had no choice but to either eat it, or die. 

I realized that this was to be our fate if I did not do something.  I remembered that I had opted out of putting my photo in that bag.  I realized then that I had a choice to stay or a choice to leave.  I remember James just standing there like he knew he wasn't going to leave.  I remembered going up to him, grabbing his cheeks, kissing him, and telling him I was going to get him out of there, and to not give in and eat.  I left with one of our friends to go get help.  As I was leaving the building, others I recognized from high school were walking in, like it was any other day, and they were going to visit their loved ones who had stayed and turned into grubworms.  I told my friend that if we called the cops, they wouldn't believe us, and even if they went to the building it would be like that movie 'people under the stairs', where they wouldn't be able to tell what was going on b/c it was all behind walls that appear to be normal to the passerby.  

The next day we went back, and I sat down at the table and was coloring a picture.  Bizarre.  I saw a girl I used to know who was about half way turned into a grub worm.  She was like a big blob who couldn't move herself, she was just depressed.  She was also sad b/c I was not going to be staying with them.  I took my drawing to her and told her she could keep it.  I felt so bad, but I knew there was nothing I could do for her at that point.  

The last thing I remember is driving away from the place, with all four of us, but I don't know how we all got away.  I woke up at that point, so I'm not sure what would of happened after that.  But it was one of the most bizarre dreams Ive had in a long time.  I always have pretty vivid dreams, lots of re-occurring themes and such.  But I love it when I have one that is just plain weird.  It didn't really creep me out, I actually wanted to continue with the story when I fell back asleep, but by that point I was too awake b/c I had gotten up to tell James.

My conclusions on this dream:
1. Shelley and I were just having conversations last night about how weird dreams are and how we both remember our dreams vividly.

2. When I got home last night James was watching something on the tv and the guy ate a live grubworm, and it was gross.

3. James and I ate chic-fila two days ago.  The first time I've eaten fast food in years.  When we were in line there were two lanes you could order from.  Everyone in front of us was only using the left lane.  So we were talking about why, and by the time it was our turn, James too, went into the left lane, where we had to wait behind another car, instead of just going over to the other lane.  I asked him why he did that, and he said he didn't know, b/c nobody else was going over there, it must of meant something.  I immediately had a mini rant about how that was what was wrong with so many things in our society.  People are afraid to stray from the norm and make up their own minds about what to do in their lives.  That he shouldn't be afraid to go in the right lane just b/c everyone else was going in the left.  (a little dramatic for a drive though discussion, I know, and I totally made him feel bad too, which is not what I meant to do, sorry babe!)  But it got me thinking about a show we had watched where they did behavioral testing in groups.  And almost always, if everyone else in the group was doing something, the people who weren't aware they were being tested always followed suit and did the same thing.  It's ingrained in our brains to follow.  Even though this may be a bit of over analyzing a dream, I can't help but think that this is where this dream stemmed from.  When I look at the scenary of this dream, this is what I get from it.  Our given destinies, and our own choice and free will to say no. 

Do you have very vivid dreams?  I think our dreamworld is utterly fascinating.  So very surreal, and yet sometimes so very real. 

(a post without a photo, gasp)

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