The Moon is apart of a woman's life so intimately. Our menstrual cycle is physically connected to the Moon's cycle of 28 1/2 days. Meaning our hormones, moods, energy levels, emotions, thoughts, spirit are all affected by the Moon! However, as modern technology, over-population, hormonal contraceptives, poor diets, and an estranged relationship to nature have become the norm for a typical woman in Western Society, we have lost track of this sacred cycle in our lives. We don't have a consistent moon cycle nowadays, so it is easy to set this cycle aside and "deal" with it when it arrives. 

This e-course is designed for women to get back in touch with what makes us truly feminine. Our moon-times are a time of month for us to honor, retreat, create, and rest in our sacredness and femininity.  I will provide 7 days of nourishing, soulful, creative activities you can do to get in touch with your unique flow and rhythm. You can skip around, pick and choose, repeat, or take this course day by day while on your moon-time to help you create your own nourishing cycle.

There will be:
*Chakra work
*Lunar wisdom
*Goddess rituals
*Opening and Closing ceremony
*Journal pages
*A private Facebook group to be
surrounded by a supportive,
healing circle of women

Let's learn how to honor this part of ourselves again.
There will be four winners for each phase of the Moon: New, Waxing, Full, Waning.

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(Thank you so much Marissa!  This could not have come at a better time, since this morning marks the start of my own moontime.)

The winner for the Nanoukiko necklace giveaway is: LATTE WITH ONE SUGAR

I have chosen new winners for the giveaways I have not heard back from...
The new winner for the Love, Life & Babies giveaway is: HONEYBUNS CLOTH DIAPERS
The new winner for the Blowfish Shoes giveaway is: CHRISTINE NORTHAN

If you are a winner, please email me at within one week.  Please put 'giveaway winner' in subject title in case it goes to my junk folder.  Thank you so much!

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