A little recap of the past few days.  The night before 12.21.12 I went out on a date with my bestie to the wine bar.  We had a nice time and chatted alot about food (she is pregnant).  Ha ha.  She also gave me that batch of goodness above!  Some whiskey, stones, chocolate and soap... the girl knows me well.  Then I came home and gave Bella pillow rides. 
On 12.21.12, James and I went to a friends house out in tarpley for a winter solstice gathering.  I brought with me an earth offering for exchange, along with said whiskey from above.  And I wore my cowboy boots that were gifted to me for the first time!  You cant tell from the photo, but they are old and worn, and the bottom part is snakeskin.  I love it, the skin is all peeling off.  I have lived in the cowboy capital of the world all my life, and have never worn cowboy boots (minus a short period when I was about 8).  But these ones, I can get into!  I probably never would of tried them without them being gifted to me.  

The gathering was wonderful.  Her home was filled with beautiful, warm souls.  Soon after we got there, we all went outside, were smuged and blessed, and gathered around her medicine wheel with instruments in hand, and had a shaman led ceremony honoring the earth and the winter solstice, filled with singing, drumming, and learning.  It was beautiful.  The half moon was out and you could see every star in the sky out there.  Then we all went in and enjoyed food, drinks and anonymous gift exchanges.  I got plant seeds!!!  They came directly from the persons garden, Im super excited. 

The next day, on 12.22.12, I was completely wiped out.  I napped almost all day long, and so did violet, as you can see.  We spent most of the day in bed together.  I managed to get up for a little while and make some batches of homeade bath salts.  Then straight back to bed. 

Yesterday morning, I went to yoga class in kerrville with my friend, and got to listen to my instructor talk about the world and our mind body connections to spirit.  It was beautiful and right in line with my most inner thoughts.  He usually is... 

And I just had to share this pic of Bella b/c its so darn cute.  I caught her getting up in the plants I brought indoors.  Little rascal.

I hope everyone has a merry christmas!  Be safe and spread love.

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