Now that I am getting used to taking more photos with my camera that are not just for instagram, or with my usual pretty colors and filters, I'll probably be sharing alot more of these little peeks into our daily routines.  It's just too easy not to.  I love looking back on these little memories.

1. bella plopped on the floor.  i say plop, b/c she literally walks and just plops down into full on stretch out mode on the floor, with all the sounds affects to go with it.  its quite cute.

2. james new coffee, that is is very excited about.  he loves to try new coffees and is all about how its made and sourced.  he watched a show about this guy who goes and directly tests and brings home the coffee beans himself, instead of going through tons of middle men.  james was intrigued with what he had to say about the coffee, so he ordered some himself.  its so cute to hear him describe the coffees to me, he gets really into it.  and has a secret wish of owning his own coffee shop.

3. my studio.  i decided i wanted to break out my sewing machine on a more regular basis again, but my studio was driving me bonkers.  i wanted to pull out my antique sewing desk and actually use it, so i did some rearranging, which turned into an all day affair, but one that was so worth it.  ill share some pics of my new little corner soon.  

4. miss violet.  her and nico have been a little mia from the blog lately, as bella has stole the spot light!  we had to take her into the vet yesterday to see about a bump on her lip.  turns out its just a pollup and nothing cancerous.  whew.  today i am taking pics of my vet's office employees with their pets, eek!

5. yummy pasta.  i made some cold pasta i could have in the fridge for the next few days so i wouldn't have to think about lunch.  im excited to soon be diving into laura emily's chakra cupboard course... for this is an area in my life i struggle with on a constant basis.  i eat pretty well, but always know it could be so much better, if i only allowed myself the time and space to arrange it to happen.

6. so, i counted the birdies on my tree, i have 15.  whoa.  a little bird crazy?

7. bella being silly last night.  she gets super crazy every night before bedtime.  the rug she is laying on in the first photo is usually her playground at night.  all of a sudden we will hear her slide, and then skid on the floor, and then quickly run away, trying to gain traction on the wood floors, and we hear her back toenails desperately trying to gain motion.  its so hilarious.  she will do this over and over.  she is sliding on the rug.

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