Hello world... if you have wondered at all where I have been all week... weve all been doing a whole lot of this.  Resting.  Monday evening we went to some friends house.  When we arrived, I felt totally fine, and by the time we left, I felt sick.  Bam.  By the time we got home, I felt awful.  I thought it was just allergies from being out in the cedar... but by the next day I had a high fever, and that lasted through last night.  I'm feeling alot better today.  Not good, but able to function again!!!  Now my boy is sick in bed.  So sad he finally gets a vacation and he has to spend it with the flu.  No fun at all!  It's been so long since Ive run a fever I forgot how awful it feels.  I'm going to try my best to not over exert myself this weekend with catch up work so that it doesn't come back.  So anyone who has a custom flag coming their way, please just be a little extra patient?  Id be so grateful!

Speaking of being grateful... I'm very grateful that James was home while I was sick to take care of me.  And that he doesn't have to miss work b/c of him being sick.  And that I do have such understanding customers.  And that I can feel myself on the road to recovery.  And that I have the best mother in law in the world, who made two trips in one day just to bring us stuff.  I love her oh so much.  And for my group of friends who held me so close in their thoughts this week when I really needed some love.  And for having many many insights into my true self this week.  And for having a cozy place to call home.  And for being my own boss so I could just take off work to be sick.  So many things to be grateful for. 

I'll be back this weekend with some awesome giveaways, and will be announcing the winners of the last two giveaways then.  Thanks for all your love and patience!!  So appreciated.