This is two outfits in one posts.  Sheinside sent me this super cuddly snuggly sweater... It is the most crazy cuddle sweater ever, Im serious.  Im actually wearing it right now, just the sweater, while drinking my coffee.  It could almost be like a winter robe...  I love the colors and patterns too, so that is just an added bonus. 

When I put this next outfit together the other day, I really thought I was going to wear this sweater out... but it ended up being just a tad too much and too warm... so I switched sweaters... I thought I'd show the option of both so I photographed both for you! 

Now here is the outfit with another sweater... very similar colors and patterns.  It was just more suitable for our events for that day.  Im kind of a layering fool at times, I know.. I cant help myself.
<<< outfit details >>>
sweater no. 1 // c/o sheinside
sweater no.2 // f21
feather shirt // gifted (xmas gift from rain)
layering vest // obella organics
leggings // f21
socks // target
boots // blowfish
scarf // gifted (xmas gift from my aunt)

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