Different forms of this quote above have been popping into my life alot the past week or so.   I have always felt that the universe holds me and supports me, in ways much deeper than I can do myself at times.  But even in that trusting, there are times when things seem so big, or so deep, that it is hard to just allow and trust.

I have been a little quiet in this space as far as personal stuff goes.  My heart is being pulled in many directions right now, through future dreams, and past wounds that still need alot of healing.  Im in a place right now where I need to be a bit quieter and reserved with my thoughts... Which will mean alot more on the surface posts, like outfits and random photos... For the time being.  I will come out of my shell again, but there are times when healing really needs to be done in a quiet safe place, and this is one of them.  And some of my dreams stirring in my heart are way out of my control at the moment, so surrendering to the flow of the universe is what Im trying to do.  A much harder journey for me than trying to make something happen. 

My quieter, behind the scenes connections have meant so much to me lately.  There are a few women who have made me feel so held, and I am so very grateful for their love.  Actually in a knee dropping kind of way.  I wish so badly these ladies were right down the road so I could have a cup of jo and sit on the couch with them over these conversations.  But I will take what I can get! 

Please just hold me in this space for a while.  And know that even though you may be seeing alot outfit posts, giveaways and photos of my creations lately, there is an ocean below the surface, and Im learning to ride its waves at the moment.