I wore this outfit last week when James and I had our spontaneous little outing in Boerne, to walk around the shops and thrift stores.  Most of the stores there are a bit... how do you say... stuck up.  The kind of place you walk into and they don't acknowledge you unless you look a certain way, you know.  We laugh everytime we leave one of the stores there b/c they neverrrr say hi to us, but will to other people.  It's kind of funny.  But it's still fun just to go walk around there since our town doesn't have anything like that.  But there was a few antique shops there, and some of them had people who said hello, ha ha!  Out of all of them, I walked away with a precious piece of vintage trim for 50 cents.  Score! 

Sooooo... this was a very happy day!  I have been hoarding these jeans that were gifted to me by a lady who wore them in the 60's, and they haven't fit me for a few years.  I tried them on just for fun and they fit!  And yes, I had to do the Dazed and Confused seen where she lays on the bed to zip them up, ha!  You can't tell from these photo actually how awesome these jeans are.  The top and belt loose the vision of how high waisted they are.  Just know, they are rad!  And it was worth it to keep them in my closet for the past 12 or so years!

It was really awesome.  When I was about 20 (I can't remember how old I was exactly) I went with my mom to France to do a jewelry show.  On the way there, we stayed with a lady who was going with us named Betsy, in Charlotte, NC.  She was one of the coolest most eccentric ladies Ive ever met in my life.  Her home was like a museum montage of everything she loved.  There was not a 5" area that did not have something.  Even her kitchen, she didnt use it so she just decorated it.  It was insane!  It was a two story huge victorian home, filled with cats and odds and ends, all antique and quirky.  Anyway, while we were there she learned of my love for the 70's era and she let me go through her entire attic where she had stored all of the clothes she wore back then, and pick out whatever I wanted!  I was freakin in heaven!!!!!!  Ill never forget it and Ill never forget her.  

This adorable birdie purse was also gifted to me.  When we lived in our rent house, we lived next to the sweetest old lady.  She loved that I loved old things and we became friends.  One day she asked me into her house and wanted me to take any of her old purses I liked.  She said no one in her family would appreciate them the way I do.  I still have them all.  Very cool unique ones.  Ill try to photograph more here to show, they are amazing.  One has a handstitched grasshopper!  I miss her.  James and I went to go visit her last week.  She sent me home with a book of Soduko to do and bring back to her, oh my!  She was a math teacher back in the day, and I hate math. Ha ha.

The beautiful necklace is from


.  Love love love.  They are having a Valentine's Sale right now!  Get 20% off everything through Feb 14th with the code 'XOXO'.  The amazing long bone and feather earrings are from

Sea Of Wild

.  Is that not just the most amazing shop name?  Mmmm...  And I couldn't decide which

Flourish Leather

bracelets to wear, so I wore them all!  They are now making awesome wallets too!  The boots are from


.  Love these babies.  Probably the most well made shoes I have.  And they match just about everything in my closet.  And you can see below that by the time we left the house, my favorite hat went back on.  Ridiculously in love.  From


.  James loves it too.  He even kissed it...


It was a fun day.  I loved spending time with James.  One of my favorite things to do with him.  I so wish he would let me take outfit photos of him!  How fun would that be?  He has the greatest tshirts (and looks amazing in all of them).  But I kind of doubt that will ever happen...

I just had my yoga session, have copious amounts of coffee in me, and Im ready to start my workday.  Time to work double time!  Muah!


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