steve earle.png

On the 17th I went to see Steve Earle with my bestie at Floore's Country Store.  I'm still on a Steve high, over a week later!  I've been listening to him all week.  It was such a great night that I won't forget.  The last time I saw Steve play was at the Folk Festival in Kerrville with my dad in 2011, so it was really nice to have a really good next time of seeing him.  I wasn't sure if it was going to make me sad or not, but it was all good.  Shelley and I toasted to my dad and kept his spirit with us during the show.  I figured Id see all his old friends there b/c they always go to his shows, but we did not see one person we knew the whole night, except for spotting Ben Dorsey, the most adorable and oldest roadie around.   They brought so many different guitars, banjos, mandolins, etc.  Such a great eclectic show with so many of my favorite songs!  I already can't wait for him to make his way back to Texas.  And yes I may of had a little girl moment b/c he caught my eye several times throughout the show...


Then on the 19th we threw a party for my nephew at my house for his 6th birthday.  Shelley came over with the kids and they had a blast.  Aiden really enjoyed himself and acted just like a 6 year old boy.  It was so nice to have my family at my house, a rare occasion.  And it was so sweet watching my Nanna hold Shelley's youngest.  He loved her and then just fell asleep in her arms.  Click on the pics to see them larger. 

Then on the 23rd we went out to our friends house to celebrate his 25th birthday.  All the pics I took came out way dark, but I loved these two.  Jenn made the most amazing Totoro cake!!!!!  Adorable and yummy carrot cake!  And this photo of Jonny and Lee just make me smile.  Good night.