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Today I am welcoming my sponsor Maria Channeling to share some thoughts with you.  Enjoy! 

Hi everyone!

Zurac decided that his November outlook would include comments on Mercury retrograde, which started on the 21st. Check it out:

“This will be an opportunity to address the deep belief systems that you HAVE been aware of. If you’ve been wondering how far along you are in certain areas of your life, this will be an opportunity to experience it. This Mercury retrograde will be quite a triggering time. You may find yourself thinking “I thought I was over this,” or “I thought I’d seen the last of this behavior.” This is a wonderful chance to continue to work through these belief systems that these feelings, behaviors, and experience of internal dialogue stem from. I understand this could be a frustrating time; to be faced with experiences one thought they’d fully addressed. However, please see the opportunity in this and to the best of your ability, on your own or with the assistance of others, address what is rising to the surface for you during this period.

“You will notice some annoyance that you are dealing with these same, old issues; what are perceived as issues, I’d like to say. Please recognize that actually what is occurring is that you are digging in more deeply then you have in the past. You are unearthing a deeper level of belief system, probably unconscious, that you may now address. It is not, I would like to say, that you are going over the same old terrain yet again. Rather, this is brand new terrain for you to be traipsing, so, know you will walk through this terrain this month, and enjoy the view while you are there.”

I hope you’re as excited by the possibilities as I am :-) Happy traipsing!


Maria & Zurac

“This month will be an ongoing opportunity to explore the parts of you that are uncomfortable with unpredictability. You may find some issues to be more pressing then you would have expected, this month. Where you thought your focus would be, may not be where it will end up. This can be both pleasant, or unpleasant, depending on how it is perceived.

“Keep in mind that any foray into unpredictable situations is a wonderful opportunity to grow your comfort, and your ability to remain emotionally balanced, in such circumstances. This is a very appropriate skill to build as you progress on your journey.

“This is not meant to induce fear, at all. Rather, this is about remembering that ability to predict, ability to control, ability to keep one’s life within a small enough set of parameters so that one feels they always have control… is an illusion. Enjoy this learning, it brings you closer to you and allows you to feel more deeply, which is, after all, part of what you are here to do.”

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 “I will say to achieve this effectively; one must first be very aware that they are not perfect, and that perfection is not required for what I will call a solid sense of self-worth. Part of the difficulty with this concept is that many people perceive that they must have it all together, they must have a lot going on in their lives, they must be successful, they must have achieved this or that goal to feel good about themselves. They do not understand that perhaps they may be in the middle of an unpleasant relationship, or they may be in a job that they are unhappy with, or they may not be happy with where they are living, or they may have absolutely no idea what it is they want to do with their lives. They can be experiencing one or all of these things at the same time and still have a sense of self-worth.

Ideally... the sense of self-worth is not something that comes and goes depending on one’s external situation, you understand? This is... a sense of one's self that is maintained regardless of what is occurring in this outside world.

...If one, for example, feels better about themselves because they quit one job and went to one that they perceive to be better... I would not necessarily call that self-worth. I would call that something else, and there's nothing wrong with that feeling. There's nothing wrong with feeling better about one’s self when they have achieved something that is perceived to be better than something they have achieved in the past. However, I would not term this 'self-worth,' not from my perspective. The type of self-worth I would like to define is more about a sense of what one is capable of, and one's place, I will say, in the world, although the sense comes from within. It is a sense of solidity. It is a sense of, in a manner of speaking, groundedness about one's capabilities.

...While one has the full ability to mold their sense of self in whatever manner they like, at the same time, the sense of self is certainly affected by their experiences, for example their childhood, their boss, their teacher, an unpleasant relationship they have, etc. As with nearly everything we speak about, one has the capability to formulate what they would like to occur and the manner in which it could occur. However... you are not always

recognizing this power. You are not always recognizing your capability to do so. So I will say, because of this experience of being human, there are many other factors on one's sense of self. However, this need not be the case...”

Find more of Maria Moraca here.   She channels an entity named Zurac who excels at offering insight. He’s here to assist you in clarifying YOUR path and empowering you on your journey.