Roots and Feathers Dreamcatcher Necklace
Roots and Feathers Deerskin and Pyrite Necklace
Roots and Feathers Arrowhead Necklace
Roots and Feathers Dreamcatcher Necklace
Roots and Feathers Dreamcatcher Necklace
Roots and Feathers Moon Cuff Bracelet
Roots and Feathers Dreamcatcher Necklace
Roots and Feathers Feather in a Bottle Necklace
Roots and Feathers Deersking and Crazy Lace Agate Necklace

I wanted to share some images of some brand new jewelry that just went up in the shop.  It has been a while since I have felt so inspired.  It's a very rare thing that something I make gets posted for sale the very next day, which many of these were made just yesterday.  I spent an entire day in the studio, which is also something that has been rare as of late.  Something came over me, that old feeling, that one Ive missed for so long now... It took hold of me, and didn't let me me stop all day long.  It was day one of my moontime (which was way off and had me all sorts of whacked out), I had the house to myself most of the day, it was cold outside... so I huddled away in my studio with my Pandora station running all day... (my favorite that my friend Rain shared with me many moons ago, Women of Folk, listen to it, its amazing).  And the creations that came out of me felt so magical, so at home with me, like perfect callings of spirit through my fingertips.  That feeling doesn't always happen everytime you step foot in the studio, but when it does, you know it, and it is such a sweet thing.  I realized what a remedy to my soul it was to whisk the day away in the studio.  Something Ive been feeling too worn down to do, but it was just what I needed yesterday.   

So this morning I have spent the hours photographing, editing and listening to Joni Mitchell on repeat.  A morning well spent.  My friend Marissa helped me get them listed in my shop, so go check them all out!! 

P.S. How amazing does all of the new jewelry look with this Spell kimono??  And you may notice the gorgeous dreamcatcher peeking out from behind, it's made by Takoda of Spirit Tribe, and is filled with love and beauty.  (she is having a sale in her shop right now!)