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Into the Dark Night —

A Guided, Creative Descent into the Shadowlands of the Soul

A mystical journey with your gypsy guides Mandy Steward + Hillary Rain.

I'm wildly excited about this new love collaboration that is coming out soon from two dear creative souls.  As I have been venturing deeply into my own shadowlands lately, so this speaks to me in such an unreal way.  The timing could not be more appropriate and I am keeping my fingers crossed that there will be a way I'll be able to join them in this journey.  The past few weeks (months) have been quite heavy for me, with so much coming to the surface, and so much needing to be released.  Things from my past have been creeping in to give me yet another deeper look into them before I can finally let go.  I am working with my Skeleton Woman in so many ways.  

In case you are also in this period of your life, I wanted to share this course with you and let you know they are having a wonderful and generous giveaway for their course!!!   

Head on over to their site to check out more and enter. 

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