Hello little blog.  How I have missed thee.  I had a little camping adventure this weekend, and upon my return, my computer was fried.  So there has been a little cyber world delay...  But here I am.  My sweet soul sister Robin came to stay the weekend with us.  It was the perfect combination of relaxation, exploration, soul excavation and magic.  I packed the essentials... you know... sunnies, lip balm, peppermint oil, birth chart and tarot.  What else could you need?  Just kidding, we had tons of blankets, pillows, a gallon of water and matches, oh, and strawberry beer, you know, essentials.  I used this gorgeous bag from Chicwish to carry it all in, and then I used to while hiking in the woods to gather sticks, stones and bones in. 


We stayed out at my parents place for our camp out.  It was no less than pure magic.  After a hike through the woods we made a fire and sat around and talked and read up on the current moon magic going on.  My conversations with Robin are always so intimate and heart felt.  A true connection.  An almost unearthly connection.  James jokes about how we are twins, which is so funny because he dated her all through high school.  Im so so happy she is back in our lives. 

041 (2).JPG

Magic by the fire.  This is Robin and James, two extensions of my own heart.  After the fire we bundled up in our sleeping bags.  It was freezing.  By morning we all had frost on our blankets.  It was an almost full moon, so the night sky was lit up and glowing for us.  Throughout our sleep we could hear the calls of peacocks, turkeys and owls.  A magical woodland.  And awoke to doves and cardinals busily going about their mornings.  I did not want to leave.  My heart, body, mind and soul wants to be out there.  For the rest of my days.  It is my dream. 


The deer bones we gathered on our hike. 


The day after, Robin loving on Bella.  We explored some deep dark avenues of ourselves with each other.  It feels so safe to have a friend who you can go so deep in the forest with, and not be afraid to be left alone, to navigate through the darkness.  Now if only we were able to see each other more than twice a year.  This has got to change.  And today, just three short days later, I have already received a hand written letter in the mail from this lovely.  See?  Amazing.  James better watch out or I may just fall for his ex girlfriend, haha.