Instagram Love

snippets from the past week or so...

1. bella hanging with us on the couch, lookin all cute
2. a package of sea goodies from Jade Stone
3. new shoes c/o blowfish, called cleef, im in love
4. date night with myself and wayne dyer
5. lunch date with my bestie and her kiddos
6. my new moon bedtime soulwork
7. violet after her grooming
8. stones i found in my moms seashell collection
9. bella found a new cuddling spot while i work in my studio
10. me the day of a massage, wearing gypsies caravan and roots & feathers earrings together

The winner of the Cosmic Eyeshadow giveaway has been announced under the giveaways section!  Look forward to an awesome giveaway from Blowfish Shoes in a few days!