I am a bit overwhelmed with gratitude and joy for the sweetness that has come into my life.  Not just this week, but always.  I have met so many wonderful people through this online connection, and weeks like this it just screams at me how sweet it really is.  Not all of these come from my online connections though... It is one of the grandest things to get a little surprise from someone you see on a daily basis as well, or someone you have known for more than half of your life.  All of these things below came to me this past week or so, from people who have come into my life and made a connection, whether a deep bond, or a kindred spirit feeling.  I am forever grateful.


So, my boy called me up on the phone from work the other day and asked me the question... 'teal or yellow ombre'.  First, I thought it was cute he used the word ombre.  It was a hard word for him to remember, but thanks to Project Runway, he got it.  I chose teal, b/c its a tride and true color for me in most things, and yellow can be a hit or miss in my book.  When he got home, he rang the doorbell, and when I answered he gave these beautiful flowers and this little baking dish to me!  THE BEST gifts.  When we were at heb shopping the other day I saw these little baking dishes and squealed b/c they were so damn cute!  I have a big crush on mini cookware, especially in pretty colors.  So these stole my heart instantly.  And, these flowers are my favorite kind.  Ranunculous.  I have no idea how to spell that word and don't feel like looking it up quite frankly.  But I love them.  And in this color.... oh my.  He had no idea they were my favorites, b/c well, I guess Ive never told him, or maybe I didn't even really know myself.  I remember wanting them for my wedding, but they didn't have them were we got the flowers from.  So James, if you are reading this, you got it right babe!  Big time!!!!  I love you!


These special things above are from my oh so dear friend Robin Grace.  I'm so in love with her.  We have this kindred bond that seems so otherworldly.  Like we really are twin flames.  Its weird, but amazingly fascinating.  Since our time together last full moon, she has sent me THREE handwritten letters in the mail!  What???????????  It makes my heart pitter like in the movies when someone receives a love letter in the mail.  Yep.  This girl has stole my heart.


I'm not even sure how to explain how honored I am to have received these gifts above from my soul sister Katelyn of Gypsy Moth Sol.  She was gifted two mourning dove wings and feet from a family member, and on her journey home from California to Louisianna, she stopped by to stay the night at my house... And she surprised me with them, along with one of her hand bundled rosemary smudge sticks she gathered while in California.  I couldn't believe she gave them to me.  So... this takes the whole 'best friends' necklace idea to a whole new level yo!  These are so sacred to me.  Thank you Katelyn.  You are so important to me, and I'm constantly amazed by how far our friendship has come from just admiring each others photography online.  I love you.


These absolutely adorable items above are from Lou from Stars in Jars.  I'm a just getting to know her, but from the moments weve had so far, she is the sweetest!  I love her traveling stories and her bravery.  She sent me these goodies all the way from Korea.  So So sweet!!!  I think the little postage stamps are just adorable.

And yesterday I was over the moon surprised when I checked my mail box to find this care package of makeup goodness from Michelle of Cosmic Bath & Beauty.  I sport her makeup in all of our Bohemian Collective lookbooks, as well as my everyday life makeup.  I'm so in love with her colors.  And her clove chapstick is a daily MUST of mine!  Beyond her wonderful amazing products, she is the sweetest soul!  It has been nothing but pure joy working with her and slowly getting to know her.  She is wildly beautiful, inside and out.

These are just a few of the most recent tangible gifts of love Ive received.  But I am constantly overjoyed with the love I receive on a daily basis from so many people, through comments here, on facebook and instagram, and personal emails people send me.  Absolutely grateful.