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This is how we spent our Easter.  It was perfect.  We spent the day with James parents.  We drove to Fredricksburg for some lunch at Rathskeller.  I had eggs benedict and james got peach pecan french toast!  We walked around the shops a bit.  One shop had the most amazing crystals.  Those crystals above were huge.  About the size of a super large watermelon.  The ammonites were about the size of large dinner plates.  They were sooooo gorgeous.  I walked away with two smaller stones, apophyllite and stilbite, both of which really reminded me of my mama.  And a worry stone.

Then we drove out to Luckenbach for a beer.  The South Austin Moonshiners were playing and they were really good.  They had a bit of a Jimi vibe which I loved.  It was just really nice to get out, have a beer, listen to live music and feel the breeze on my skin, along side my loving family.  Couldn't ask for more.  It began pouring down rain while we were listening to the band.  So so awesome.  (I love rain)

James and I took a stroll around the property at Luckenbach and found this most amazing grave site.  I would LOVE for someone to do this kind of thing when I die.  Its a firepit and circle for friends to gather and celebrate around.  What a wonderful idea.  This is how I would love to be celebrated after death, around a campfire with good friends.  Hell yes.

I hope everyone had a lovely easter.  Im pretty happy that mine was not filled with candy and plastic eggs.