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It feels like its been oh so long since Ive shared my Pieces of Home series.  I actually have about 50 images already to share, but I'm going to break them up into pairs of 10, so look forward to many more.  You will notice on the bottom of the left sidebar, I have created Blog Topics.  I am slowly working on updating this list.  (It will take a lifetime to go through my whole blog) Since moving over to the new platform, I have to go in and re-tag each post to fit the appropriate category.  But when Im done, it will be super nice for you to be able to browse by section if you want, instead of sifting through the whole blog to find a particular post!  Yay! 

1. custom prayer flag
2. miss bella
3. cheese board dinner
4. a book and woodpecker feather gifted from my sweet friend
5. my first pair of toms gifted to me from my mother in law
6. my ever growing plant
7. me
8. my fridge
9. surviving succulent
10. part of my sacred space

Yesterday I made myself a batch of cookies, made myself a yummy dinner, and re-watched The Shift by Wayne Dyer.  It was just the reminder I needed.  I realized the reason Ive been allowing people to affect me and hurt me lately is because I have been operating out of a place of ego.  A place of possession.  It was nice to have a reminder of that, and give me back my perspective on things.  Its so easy to get wrapped up in our little worlds and lose sight of what is really important.  And this fear/anger place I was coming from this past week is not where its at.  I am done allowing people to take away my personal energy b/c they themselves cannot be themselves.  It is their journey to walk, and I hope one day they truly find themselves.

Today I am focusing on shipping orders and working on taxes.  Exciting, right?