This was the backyard of the house we stayed in.  It was so magical and peaceful.  I was smitten by the shadows and reflections on the water.  My favorite part was seeing beautiful red headed woodpeckers in those trees the whole time.  Right after telling my cousins about the flicker/woodpecker family being my astrological animal totem according to the native americans.  I have seen a few woodpeckers from a distance, but never up close like that.  I saw two different species that Ive never seen in Texas.  And then, when I got home, I saw my very first woodpecker in my own backyard!  I couldn't believe it.  It was so so magical, especially after the connections that my vacation brought about. 


My cousins and I really bonded on this trip.  We talked alot about animal spirits, tarot, crystal healing, our life plans and soul purposes.  It was really amazing to open up to them in this way and for it to be something we all were on the same level with.  Honestly something I never ever thought would happen within my family.  There was even a night when I read everyone's tarot, even my nanna!  And it was amazing how connected each reading was to their lives.  It was unbelievably rewarding to feel safe with my family in these respects.  For me personally, it made me feel even more connected with them.  The women in my family have a deep rooted strong connection to each other, whether or not we hang out or talk alot doesnt matter.  There is a thread between us all the keeps us so safetly jointed to one another. 

This wall of paintings above was very significant.  After telling my cousins about the woodpecker (the top left image is one, but its hard to tell in this photo, its sitting on top of a man), they looked up their animal spirit and were both the raven.  And we also talked about my parents alot, and my connections with 'two birds' being them, and my concerns about losing their house.... And the opossum has been by my side for a few months now.  So we walked in, sat down, and then began to look around, and all at once we noticed the painting above us... a woodpecker, raven, opossum and two birds sitting on top of a nest with keys.  What the heck?  We were pretty much floored.  And to the locals probably looked like wacko tourists staring at these animal paintings.  We all took it as a pretty big sign. 

Then when we were done eating, one of the locals, an older man, walked up to me and asked me if i was an artist.  I told him yes, and he said he could tell from the way I looked.  Then he asked me what kind of artist, and I told him.  He he figured I was a jewelry artist.  How cool is that?  Then he told us that his friend painted those paintings we were so into... I told him about our connections with them and he was so pleased to tell his friend.  Every local we came in contact with in Slidell was so nice. 


Some moments from the place we stayed that I really enjoyed was having my morning coffee and walking around the property looking at all the things that were different than back home in Texas, which was just about everything.  In the bushes I found that super amazing glass bottle above.  Still not positive what it is.  Alot of people said antique water bomb or antique oil lamp.  Im leaning towards oil lamp b/c the cast iron top has a peice that goes down inside that looks like a wick would go into it, and it has screw laces on the top of the glass, which means it definitely attaches to something else.  It was kind of funny... I was so excited to find it and what I loved most about it was the coloring and appeal from laying on the ground for so long, and I came in the kitchen to find my cousin washing it!  I gasped at her, and everyone started laughing b/c I didn't want it clean.  They all thought I would want it cleaned up.  I was like noooo!!!  Ha ha.  So now, it doesnt look like it does above.  (don't worry dee, i still love you!)

I found the leaf above and just thought it was the prettiest leaf with all of the speckles on it.  And I found two dove feathers.  I was super excited when I found the pine cones still on the branch!  I was so careful with it the whole time, and then it broke during the last few hours of our ride home... Total bummer.  But its okay, at least I still have it.  The pine trees are amazing in that area!

Ill be back with so much more!  Btw, Im about to start listing some of my new wall hangings in the shop.  Some that were sneak peeked in my latest lookbook, Sea Song.