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On our second day in Louisianna we went on a swamp tour.  It was my favorite part of our trip I think.  I loved our tour guide, and the sights were just amazing, and so different than Texas.  The trees in the water were just beautiful.  I didn't have my camera with me, just my phone.  I really wish I had brought it on this trip.  I could of captured so many amazing things that I couldn't see with my phone.  Like the peacock in the tree next to our house we stayed in that was there every night.  And the yellow crested night herons in the tall trees of the swamp.  And the little yellow birdies that were flying around the swamp.  So many times I said, damn I wish I had brought my camera!  I was just in awe of the swamp.  Everything about it.

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1. tour guide feeding the aligators a weenie // 2. crazy windy hair on the boat while it was going super fast // 3. beautiful trees // 4. more trees // 5. alligator // 6. my auntie holding a baby alligator

I took a million photos of the trees, but I decided to spare you and just share a few.  Really, they all look the same, but man they are beautiful!  Ill be back soon with pics from the plantation we went to.