I thought I would share this image with you as a free download (for personal use only), as a little reminder to each of us that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.  Ive been thinking alot about this lately since I have alot of very big dreams floating around my head.  Ones that are wonderful, but scary, life altering dreams.  I have had so many moments of self doubt, doubt in others, and just monumental fear in general for making these changes a reality.  I am here to remind myself, as I surrender to the universe, that anything is possible.  When your dreams are so entangled with others, its hard to make a leap without worrying about each person's well being through it all.

While the world is buzzing around me, filled up with the firey aries energy of the past new moon, I feel myself at a standstill most days, still feeling the need to sit with myself, meditate and dream the possibilities, and not quite jump off of any cliffs just yet. 

So for now, I share this thought with each of you, right along side you, to remind us that anything really is possible.  I will keep this image in my mind as a bouquet of hope.