maryink sweater 2.png

outfit details: sweater - maryink // skirt - ross (i think) // leggings - target // boots c/o blowfish // necklace c/o full moon creations // earrings - spiral drift

Oh this was the coziest outfit.  It was chilly the other day and it almost made me miss winter (almost).  Texas is so funny... one day its 90 and the next its 50.  You just never know.  Sometimes its both all in one day.  I wear this sweater ALOT around the house, so Im happy to finally have worn it out of the house!  Its definitely one of my lounging staples.  And I adore this beautiful healing gemstone necklace that Kami from Full Moon Creations sent me.  The colors are so perfect together. 

Im super stoked.  In about one hour my brother, his son and my nanna will be here at my house!  Its been forever since any family has come to my house.  Its usually me going to theirs.  So when it does happen, it makes me giddy.  Its a freakin gorgeous day today, which makes me even happier. 

So, this is going to be short and sweet!  Time for family!  And in case you missed yesterday's post, Im have a HUGE sale in both of my shops for just a few days!!!