The day before yesterday my Nanna, brother and nephew came up to the hillcountry to spend some time with me.  We had such a nice day.  We had lunch at my house and then we drove out to my parents house to hang out on the land.  Aiden and I took a nature walk, we played mini golf on the porch, and just soaked up a little of the spirit that is out there.  Then we came back to my house and got things ready to go fishing at the river by my house.  Aiden was so excited to go fishing all day.  He had his very own spider man fishing pole.  He was so cute and so into it.  If he could of, he would of sat there all day fishing.  When we were done we went to James parents restaurant and got some food.  A perfect day with my family.  So so blessed.


I am so in love with this photo I snuck of my Nanna, reading a book by the window in my parents house.  So so beautiful.  I just love this woman.


Aiden had the best time playing the piano over there.  He was naturally really good at it coming up with all kinds of tunes.  So happy that my mom's piano will now be his.


One more of this sweet boy fishing.  We couldn't get to any spots where there would actually be fish... (but he didn't know that)  He was just so happy to put his pole in the water.  I took some with my real camera too, I just need to edit them still.  Love this little man.

In other news... I'm excited to spend some time with our friends tonite.  Jonny is coming over to jam with James and Im delighted for them.  They are both really excited to sit and write songs together. 

Tomorrow I'll have the full moon reports from KV up!  Such good ones this time, seriously.  But then again, they always are.  Truly a gift she has.  I'll put up an announcement when they are ready.

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