I have been getting messages for a while to pay attention to my winged friends, and the messages they bring.  I knew a new bird energy was going to enter my life soon, I just didn't expect it to be through death.  Last week I dreamt about a lot of dead birds that were just killed and thrown in the back of a restaurant.  I remember coming across them and wanting to steal them so I could take them home and lovingly bury them.  Then a little girl and her mom walked up and the little girl went right up to the dead birds, picked up a blue one and asked her mom if she could take it home.  She looked at me and I knew she felt the same thing I did.  I woke up with the strangest feeling, and the images of that dream keep popping into my head. 

Then the day we went to the hospital to see Laurel Lea be born, I found this American Robin dead on the sidewalk when we left.  It was late, dark, we were hungry and in a rush to get home.  I wanted to take it but didn't have anything to pick it up with, and James was a bit hesitant, so we just moved him into the bushes behind the building with some sticks and leaves.  The whole next day I couldn't stop thinking about him.  So when we went to visit her again yesterday, I brought a towel and a box.  When we got in the car James asked me what the box was for.  He quickly realized.  When we arrived our friend was on the phone so we stood outside for a moment with him.  I went to check to see if the bird was still there and make sure he wasn't covered in ants or bugs.  He wasn't.  I left him there until we were going to leave.  When I came back over to tell James it was still there, I looked down and spotted this little baby Warbler, dead.  Right next to us.  I couldn't believe it!  What were the odds?  I rarely see dead birds.  So, I grabbed this little guy too when we left.  If anyone saw me I probably looked like a crazy lady, but I had to.  Even though Im sure James would of rather Id left them there, Im glad he was able to be okay with it.  Then on the way home, I saw a huge dead vulture. 

I have had alot of deep things Ive been trying to release for the past several months, and with this new moon solar eclipse, I felt the timing of these little guys showing up in my life to be just right.  A message of release, letting go of things that need to die in my life in order to bring in new life.  And all happening as one of my best friends birthed her first child, who has already given me major baby fever.  And as Im typing this Im watching my mother Swallow sit on her second batch of eggs this season, right after her babies just flew the coop. 


I buried the two little birdies together this morning under a big oak tree.  I buried them with a double terminated quartz I just received.  I got it for my own masculine/feminine & relationship healing, but I felt they needed it.  I also sent them off with some white sage and two rose petals, the same thing I used in the ceremony for releasing my daddy.  It just felt right and calm for them.  Then I covered them with two stones from my home.  I am preserving their wings as a reminder of their beautiful message, and to continue to honor what they brought me through my remaining work in this area.

This has been a reminder in the life death life cycle we all learn from.  Whether its actually losing someone or something that was special to us, or releasing old patterns and behaviors and building new life in place of them. 


For those of you wandering, the new moon reports are coming up in the next hour or so.  We decided to wait for today so we could all enjoy the solar eclipse energy.  Be on the lookout over here in the next few hours!