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outfit details:  skirt (worn as dress) - ?  //  belt + chevron ring- f21  // vest - chicwish  //  necklace - moorea seal  //  two toned ring - amerrymishap  //  copper & triangle rings - jade stone  //  anklets - aquarian soul  //  snake armband - experimental vintage  //  sandals - blowfish shoes

This little number is what I wore yesterday.  We both had eye appointments and James had the day off, so we left a bit early to hit up some thrift shops.  I found just a few golden finds.  Im particularly excited about the black suede fedora I found for $3.  I actually felt guilty for spending $3 on it!  When your trying to save $$ it puts you in a whole different mindset. 

I think summer has decided to finally really creep in here in Texas.  The past few days have been so muggy and hot, and I know its only the beginning.  I hope we keep getting more rain so we can swim in the river!  I miss the river.  Its about time we get our butts down there.  Its kind of hard to believe we are creeping up on the end of May already.  This month.  I knew I had alot on my plate as far as deadlines.  I have about 4 different June 1st deadlines on wonderful projects Im contributing to.  And each one still seems so undone and far away from the finish line.  But I know it will all come together.  Time just flies by.  It really really does. 

I went to my second session of therapy yesterday.  She introduced me to the EMDR method.  It felt a bit silly at first, but I can see where it might go, so I look forward to continuing.  I felt more relaxed this time... I could tell through my body language.  One hour goes by insanely fast. 

Today is day 6 of my no solid food fast.  Im actually really surprised how easy it has been.  The first two days were no fun at all.  Upset tummy all day and horrible migraines.  But day 3 was better, and its been getting better since.  I hardly even feel hungry which is really surprising for just having smoothies, pureed soups, teas and water.  5 more days to go.  I hope it only gets better.  I know not everyone else is experiencing the same ease, and I hate that.  I didn't think I could survive without coffee.  Literally.  But, Im proving myself wrong!  Its been a test of will, and its really shown me that I can have strength in the face of willpower.  I did by myself a salted almond chocolate bar as my reward for when Im done, and I cannot wait to eat it!!!