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Friday when James got home from work we went to the Kerrville Arts & Crafts Fair, a show my parents did my whole life, so I grew up running around there.  I haven't been in about 3 years.  We mainly went that night because Lady Jane Grey was playing, a local duo that I love.  Sadly friday nights there are generally slow and it has poured down rain all day, so there weren't too many people there.  But they still sounded beautiful.  And when I bought a beer the guy studied for about a whole minute.  He did NOT believe I was over 21, much less turning 31 this next month.  It was pretty funny.  I wonder how old I will be before that stops. 

We saw a few of my parents old show buddies and talked to them for a long time.  It was so nice, but so sad.  One of them didn't know my dad had died so I had to tell him what happened.  It was hard, but it was nice to be able to chat with some people who knew my parents so well.  Then as we were leaving we ran into the woman who bought my parents jewelry business from us!  She had a booth set up there!  It was such a nice surprise, I had no idea they were there.  It was so cool to see what they were doing with the china and just to catch up in general.  It was such a fateful deal.  The people who bought my parents business are named Tim & Linda, just like my parents, they have kids the same age as us, they live in the hill country and are obviously artists.  There are so many parallels.  They even have some of the same mutual friends and my parents never knew!  I know my mom would be so delighted if she knew who got the business she worked so hard on for so many years.  Im sure she had a hand in it somehow. 

The past two days though have been so heavy for me.  Im trying really hard to stay in the love and hope vibe that I so need to be in right now, but I feel emotional.  Mainly about my parents.  I also feel physically drained, and have for a while.  After taking some tests online Im pretty sure I have hormonal, adrenal and thyroid imbalances.  Which seems crazy for my age, but it explains alot and makes sense with how Ive been feeling for a long time.  I ordered vitamins and minerals last night for all of it, and Im going to try my darndest to get into some kind of exercise routine and daily meditation.  And change my diet.  Im finally going to bite the bullet and go gluten free.  Im also discontinuing my morning coffee.  That is a HUGE one.  But after doing this fast, I realize I wont die without coffee.  So, Im going to do it.  I will now have hot herbal tea as a replacement.  I need to make some major changes, that Ive known for a long time that needed to be made.  Its just so easy to keep on going like nothing is wrong.  But Id rather reverse it now then when Im really sick.  I do NOT ever want to go on meds, so I must be proactive NOW.  The hardest part is causing disruption in my home b/c of all the changes.  All the things James and I used to eat together that we wont be able to anymore.  But I just have to know that this is more important. 

outfit details:  shirt + sweater - thrifted // shorts + belt - f21 // tights - target // boots - blowfish shoes // necklace - roots and feathers // bracelet - spiral drift