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1. cow skull we picked up at a garage sale
2. ropesouls
3. bella playing peek-a-boo
4. breakfast shake
5. no makeup
6. pretty texas sky
7. new organizing calendar (from target, its my life savor)
8. nico
9. dinner with james parents
10. new bed headboard (mobile by sun & glory)

Just a few randoms from the past week.  I'm kind of absolutely in love with the cow skull we found at a garage sale recently.  Man, this week has been full.  As you may have noticed, I have not even been on the blog since monday.  Monday was the release of the new Bohemian Collective lookbook.  Tuesday we visited some friends out in Tarpley.  Wednesday we went to look at a car to buy, which ended up being a huge long stressful day all for nothing.  Yesterday we went to austin to visit my friend Robin, which was so nice.  Today I'm catching up on orders and cleaning house.  Tomorrow my friend Katelyn and Makenna are coming to my house.  Then hopefully, hopefully... sunday will be a day of rest.  It's been a wonderful week, full of really great things... I'm just exhausted for some reason.  After I woke up this morning, even though I felt like I slept really good last night (although I had extremely bizarre and disturbing dreams) I wanted to go right back to bed, (and still do).  But I need to get some stuff done today.  Maybe I can take a cat nap in a few hours. 

I'm feeling very behind and I'm trying not to let myself feel bad at all for what has not been done.  I'm learning to give myself grace for taking time off and not continuously 'doing something'.  Ive been aching to dive into Soulsigh and Moon Rhythms, two courses I'm taking by dear friends, and I have not even had the time to really 'be' with them.  *exhale* But I know the time will come and I can just take it as I can.  I think I am so tired today b/c my brain is just simply FULL.  Full of to-dos, full of wishes, full of hard things coming to the surface that are to be faced, full of feeling like I want to be there in person more often... I feel like it is time to empty this well so that it can be filled up again with refreshing waters.  Time to deeply look into what is needing to be let go of to make room for a more peaceful abundance. 

This is my present moment, right now.