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Many of you know that Violet Bella was my first shop on etsy, before Roots and Feathers.  It's been officially open since 2008.  But since the conception of Roots and Feathers, I have hardly put any effort into keeping up with it at all.  For a while I have even contemplated letting it go completely.  I just can't.  A part of my heart is there, and always will be.  So, I am going to spark the fire again and put some more love and effort into my sweet, darling shop, Violet Bella.   

I actually made a facebook page for it too, after all this time, I never had one.  So go 'like' my page if you want to stay current on new items and discounts.  I gave the etsy page and the fabebook page a fresh new banner look. 

I'll be adding new pieces over the next week.  I know most of the stuff that is there has been there forever, so just check back soon for some newbies!