boho patchwork outfit.jpg
minnetonka back zip booties.jpg
roots and feathers breastplate necklace.jpg
bohemian casual outfit.jpg
patchwork shorts.jpg
spiral drift bracelets.jpg
bohemian casual outfit with patchwork shorts.jpg
minnetonka back zip booties.jpg

outfit details:  shirt - my mamas // short - handmade patchwork cutoffs // shoes - minnetonka // necklace + headband - roots and feathers // bracelets - spiral drift 

Just a casual little outfit... Still loving these shorts I patched up a while back.  Man... I have been tired this week.  I think just trying to do alot in alot of different directions.  I loaded up about 40 pairs of earrings and 50 + necklaces up at our local shops today in time for Labor Day weekend.  Now I am wishing I had the energy to clean my house...

I'll be back tomorrow with a fun giveaway from my friend Moondaughter!