A few weeks ago I decided to stake out for a bit to take photos of my little hummingbird friends.  Almost every morning they buzz around my head and they are just so splendid to watch play.  But they are so hard to get a photo of b/c they are so fast!  So I stood up on a chair about 10 feet away from their feeder as still as I could be for about 15 minutes until they started to come back up to the feeder.  It was soooooo fun trying to catch them in action.  And omg, is he not the cutest?  This little guy is the least colorful one we have.  But I think it is still just so precious!!! 


Yesterday I got to witness the coolest thing.  You may remember my blog post two years ago about my enchanting encounter with one right after my dad died.   That was the only time Ive ever seen a roadrunner in my own backyard!  Well, a few days ago on the way home we saw two roadrunners, one right after another.  Everytime I see one I think of my dad, which brings a flood of emotions ranging from peace to utter sadness.  Then, yesterday I looked out my backyard to find TWO roadrunners in my backyard.  One was sitting on our picnic table and one was right under the steps of our porch.  He was too fast to catch with my camera.  I watched them run around the backyard for a bit and then they hopped up onto the fence and then went on their way.  But one did stop in a sunny spot, spread its wings out and laid flat on the ground for about 5 minutes and just sun bathed.  It was the coolest thing to see.  Then they went in separate directions and I could hear them calling each other through the woods.  So so rad to witness. 

I must admit I get a little uneasy when I see roadrunners now.  For me they forshadowed my dad's death.  Even though I see my dad in them now, which most times brings me comfort, I still can't shake the deep message I got from them before.  I think their is a significance of seeing them in two's also.  Just not sure what.  My dad may just be showing up to remind me not take things so seriously and to lighten up a bit.  I know I could use some of that in my life lately! The hummingbird has a similar message, so that very well could be it!

I am absolutely fascinated with this bird.  Their markings are... remarkable.  I'm so honored that they decided to play in my backyard. 

Oh!!! Then after that happened I saw the cutest thing... A squirrel was digging in the dirt and made a little hole, and then proceeded to lay his belly in the hole and stretch his arms straight out and just lay there in the shade on the cool freshly dug dirt.  It was precious to say the least!  I often see them lounging on our bird bath, all sprawled out, but I have never seen one do that!   

I love living in an area where I can watch things like this happen.  I wouldn't trade it for anything!