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I know my sweet friend was not expecting me to share this package with the world when she sent it to me, but it is just one that I really wanted to document for forever.  This was so out of the blue, and the timing couldn't of been more perfect.  When I first started opening this package right when we came through the door, James was talking to me and I realized quickly I was just going through the motions of opening packages like I usually do.  They are usually just beads, so no need to think otherwise.  But I stopped myself in my tracks with this one.  I felt the specialness of it from the outside of the box, with the words 'The Healing Path' taped on it.  Once we were done with our conversation, I excused myself from the room, and went into the studio, closed the door and slowly opened the box.  Taking in each thing at a time.  Upon opening it, the smell of my favorite incense in the world filled the room.  Instantly reminded me of the love in my heart for my dear friend Rain.  As I unfolded the thoughtful gifts inside the box I felt completely overwhelmed with gratitude, love, and soul-sister connection.  I was almost in shock at how someone could possibly be so in sync with my needs, more than I even am.  Its like her soul was whispering to me... 'friend, i see what you cannot see in this moment, and i thought you might could use these tools to help you along your path'.  This is a gift.  A true gift of soul.  I felt heard, without even speaking.