We are back from our mini road trip vacation, although vacation itself is not quite over!  James is still off this week, so we have a few more things we would like to do while he is off.  It's almost weird being home again already, and I don't quite know what to do with myself.  I have so much I need to do with work, but I know if I let myself get back into it, I will just be immersed and my vacation will be over.  But when I am at home, I can hardly keep myself from working, so well see how that goes!  These pics are from the day we left, and of a few of the tunes we listened to on the way to Galveston.

Some of my family happened to be taking a little vacation at the same time as us, so we decided to join them in Galveston for a day to play on the beach.  When we got there it was raining, but luckily it cleared off.  We were back and forth on what we wanted to do for our vacation.  I really wanted to go to a beach, but I also wanted to go visit our friend Katelyn in Louisianna, so we got to do both!  Although I must admit, Galveston was not at all the beach vacation I had envisioned in my head!  The last time I had been to Galveston I was about 14, so I didn't really remember much about it.  But it was still nice to see the ocean, get sand in my toes and look for seashells.  I could spend days on the beach just looking for seashells.   


We went to dinner that night at a very interesting restaurant.  From the outside it looks like a hole in the wall and then inside its like a weird time warp with a fancy presentation with folded napkins and red roses on the tables.  The entrance had this mirror the length of the hallway that was dimly lit and quite eerie looking, I loved it.  It was odd, friendly, comical and well, just interesting... But I was able to have a Stella Artois there.  

We also drove around and saw the wood carvings in the trees that they did after the hurricane.  They were amazing.  And we walked around the strand a bit, looked in some shops, had lunch, and I ooooed and awwwed over all the textures of the buildings.  I could of spent a day just taking photos in back alleys.   


We snuck down to the beach just about every chance we could get.  I picked up shells, made a little turtle in the sand, did some Roots and Feathers representing in the sand, ate the yummiest and biggest ice cream in my life, and simply just enjoying the wind, salt and sand. 


This was the first part of our vaca, I'll share our Louisianna picks next...