Eeee... So excited to share the second half of our vacation adventure!  We finally got to go see my friend Katelyn's new(ish) house!  Ever since she moved I've been impatiently waiting to visit her new pad, so it was a joy to finally be able to do so.  And oh my is it cute!  She had decorated so wonderfully!  I felt at home with all of the nature elements and alters... a common thread we have in our home decor. 

I have tons of pics!  You can click on all of the smaller images below to see them larger. 

First of all, I was so excited to get to spend some time with these two munchkins.  They are the best!  Penelope (the littlest) has grown so much since we saw her just a month or so ago.  I love watching her personality change.  And Leena is just growing up so fast!  We got to watch her in her ballet practice.  I love the last image of them making faces.  So so cute!   

The first night we got there Katelyn was throwing a Mabon party with all of her friends.  So we got to meet all the wonderful people she calls friends in her hometown.  Some I knew from online and most I didn't.  I wish I had felt more social that night, but after traveling I was a bit on the quiet side and my introversion came out a bit... but it was still really nice to chill and watch everyone and their kids.  We made apple prints and leaf prints.  Drank mulled wine and had amazing vegetarian gumbo!  Along with many other treats.  At the end of the night I went outside with several of the little kids and sat on the concrete, and mentioned something about the mesquitos, and they all started circling around me chanting about the magic they were giving me to keep the mesquitos away.  It was so cute!   


Pieces of Katelyn's home... I love all the color in her house.  My house is so neutral and earthy, which I love, but its always exciting to see color in other's spaces.   


The second day we were there we went thrift shopping, went to the mall so we could go to Earthbound Trading, got starbucks, and went to a tiny little beach that had awesome seashells.  Katelyn gave me her top from Earthbound Trading that I was in love with!!!  And I found another really cute top there when we went.  Then on the way out we had to stop in the photobooth!!!  I think they came out so fun!!!  I especially love the one where Katelyn is picking my nose, that's friendship! 


On the way home we decided to be total goofy tourists and stop at the visitors center for Texas.  We missed it last time on our way home.  I'm so glad we stopped b/c these are just about the best Texas pride photos ever! 

The trip went by so fast!  And I came home with a soar throat (a true testament to the fact that I don't travel much, at all) .  Luckily it's almost completely gone!  And James is still on vacation this week.  Yesterday we took a looooong drive in the hillcountry, scouting for the perfect location for a photoshoot.  We saw some of the most beautiful countryside out towards Hunt, sadly there were miles and miles of fences and you couldn't get to any of the pretty spots!!!  We were getting so frustrated, but it was still nice to take in all the beauty.  We finally found a tiny creek with a little area we could shoot.  In comparison to everything else we saw, it wasn't that great, but we were at the settle for anything point.  We also got excited to see the place we found when we were on our honeymoon that we one day dream of staying at... only to find out its almost $500 a night with a two night minimum!!! whoa!!!  (insert total sad face) 

We are also going to spend some of his time off getting serious out at my parents house.  We need to get their place ready and on the market to sell asap!  We are digging ourselves in a hole with their land taxes and it is just time for me to move on and let go... (insert another big sad face)... but I know it is what needs to happen. 

(whoa, totally didn't mean to end this on a sad note!)