As embarrassing as a few of these may be, I thought it would be fun to take a walk down memory lane.  I love old photos.  Like, so much.  Pretty often I like to just sit and look at old photos, mainly when I want to connect to my parents or the feeling of the past... This time I was wanting to find old photos of all my different hair styles.  I could not find them all, but I found many.  A few ex boyfriends are in the mix, but that is a little inevitable when finding old photos... And being the nostalgia hoarder that I am, I still have them all.  There were a few that made me really upset and I burned all their stuff, ha ha, but the majority remains tucked away in old boxes. 

I love the photos I have of me and my friend Rebekah from back in the day (the blonde in most of these).  We were so inseparable then.  We have grown up and changed so much.  She was my one friend though that would wear black lipstick with me, ha ha.  I have so many good memories of us together.

And can you tell that the green paisley shirt was one of my favorites?  Its in 4 of these photos!  And it is still one of my favorites!  (although it is sadly falling apart)... Oh, and that photo with the 666 written across my chest, that WAS a halloween costume!  Not my daily attire.  I was a pretty dark teenager... dressed in black, listened to Marilyn Manson, was fascinated with vampires, witches and the likes.  I should share some photos of my bedroom back then.  It was actually a hilarious split of very dark goth stuff with a bohemian mix of vintage decor, photos of Kate Moss and Jim Morrison on my walls and Donovan vinyls.  Over the years my love for the darker side of life began to fade away and grow into a much healthier way of seeing the world.  Oh to be 15 again, no way!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy walking down memory lane with me.  Even though I am such a different girl than I was 15 years ago, I will always love that girl I was and hold such a big place in my heart for her.  It was during that time I truly learned to express myself in the way I wanted to no matter how the world responded, and trust me, I got alot of ugly dirty responses.  But it was huge for me to be able to express it still.  I had times where I tried to conform, and it never lasted very long and I always felt suffocated in a way.  In a way, I learned about love through my non conformity as a teen and young adult b/c I learned that there were still many people in my life who loved me for me and could see past the way I looked to them at times.  (most of these photos are pretty tame)  I hope that I can always remember this when my own kids become teenagers one day...